The Modern Glam Home Podcast

If you love Modern glam, or want to learn more about this design style, this is the podcast for you!

Episode 1: What is the Modern Glam design style?

Find out more about the Modern Glam Interior Design Style, including common characteristics and finishes.

Episode 2: Glamming up your living space.

Learn how to create a Modern Glam look in your home , including tips on color, furniture choices and more.

Episode 3: The Art of mixing High and low Decor.

Learn how to blend high-end and low-cost pieces to create a luxurious living, yet affordable space.

Episode 4: The Modern Glam Home Summer Refresh

Learn how to infuse some fresh energy and vibrant vibes in your Modern Glam Home for Summer.

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About Modern Glam Home

Modern Glam home was created by DIY Design By CCW for those who love the modern glam interior design style. With our weekly Podcast, and on Blog, the hope is to provide information, inspiration and guidance, for those who'd like to learn more about creating, designing and owning a beautiful Modern Glam home.

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How was the Modern Glam Home Podcast and Blog Created?

About the Founder

The Modern Glam Home Podcast and Blog were created by the founder of and host of DIY Design By CCW to help those who love Modern Glam learn how to create a beautiful and luxurious home on a budget.

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